Rugged, capable and essential for getting into remote areas, Land Rovers are the popular choice for most mountain rescue teams.

Over the years the team has operated a varied selection of vehicles from an old Bedford Ambulance and an ex military Austin Champ. Eventually  we were able to settle on Land Rovers and upgrade from second hand to new vehicles equipped to our specification.

Our two Land Rover 110 utility vehicles are converted to carry a mountain rescue stretcher. They are dual purpose and are used to carry personnel and equipment to an incident and take casualties away. They are ideally suited for the tracks and moorland around Saddleworth

We have a Volkswagen van equipped as an ambulance, can operate as a mobile control room and carry personnel.  A minibus is used to move people and personal equipment.

Vehicles are the single most expensive item on our equipment list. Insurance, servicing, repairs and their eventual replacement are a major problem when it comes to finding the funds.

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