Search Dogs

Search dogs are trained to ‘Air Scent’; this means they do not as a general rule track the missing person. The dogs will react to a human scent being blown towards them by the wind or air currents. This means that as long as the dog is searching downwind of a casualty, or items which have human scent on them, they should find them.  Search dogs are just as effective at night or in poor visibility.

Dogs can cover large areas of ground in the search for a missing person. They are very sensitive to any human scent it finds and will immediately follow that scent to where a human is located. It will then indicate to its’ handler to let them know it has had a ‘find’.

Search Dog Steve Ward

Steve is currently working Bryn.  Steve is also training a new dog Ty.

Search Dog Mick Nield

Mick graded Bob in Jan 2011.  Bob is Mick’s first search dog.

Search Dog Mimi Davies

Mimi is working hard training her dog Blue.

Search Dog Tony Tombs

Tony is working hard training his dog Jed


The Search and Rescue dog Association (England) -SARDA – trains mountain rescue team members to become search dog handlers which are able to search for missing persons.

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